Arts Centre Christchurch – Christchurch, New Zealand
Facilitation, Research, Insights, Strategy

The Arts Centre Christchurch is one of the many victims of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. A collection of 23 heritage buildings all dedicated to supporting the Arts and Culture of Christchurch, the task of picking up the pieces and starting all over is not a small one.

The Arts Centre engaged Left Bank Co. to lead the executive team and the Board of Trustees on a journey of self determination to develop an Arts Centre precinct with renewed relevance and appeal to the Christchurch community and the visitor economy. Through a series of facilitated workshops with leaders of the creative community and members of the community, a bold vision was developed to position the Arts Centre as the centre for Christchurch's creative industry, mixing creativity with business.

Left Bank Co. worked alongside the Arts Centre team and a group of core stakeholders to understand the opportunities and limitations for the Arts Centre, the needs of the creative community and the broader Christchurch community, and to refine a range of objectives and options into a clear and concise vision. A comprehensive vision document was developed to clearly outline the strategy informing the future of the precinct.

Since the completion of this vision, the Arts Centre has been forming partnerships, finalising build works, and progressively releasing buildings to the market, all under the guidance of the vision. Half of the site reopened in late 2016.

More about the vision for the Arts Centre can be found here.