Australian Museum Masterplanning Workshop

Australian Museum - Sydney, Australia
Facilitation, Strategy

The Australian Museum is Australia’s oldest museum, and an institution at the forefront of Australian scientific research, collection and education. Seeking to develop a sustainable plan for its future, that addresses issues of relevance to an audience with shifting needs, the Museum engaged Left Bank Co. to lead discussions about the way masterplanning is integral to the process of reinvention for the institution.

Left Bank Co. conceived and delivered a half-day workshop for the Museum’s leadership, with the purpose of defining what the masterplanning process means to them and how it can work to make the most out of their investment. The aim was to ensure the team had a shared language, clarity of communication and common purpose heading into this process.

The resulting workshop was designed to take the team through an examination of the existing and desired state for the Museum, develop an understanding of the state of arts and culture and how the Museum and leadership team could enable the desired state within this framework, and to educate them on the masterplanning process and how it would support their vision for the Museum. The workshop report delivered to the team summarised the discussions had, and lay out a strategic path for the team to take to achieve success.