NSW Government Architects Office - Sydney, Australia
Research, Insights

With the 2015 announcement by the NSW Government that a metro-type service is being planned between Chatswood and Bankstown, significant strategic plans, studies and precinct planning has been undertaken by the Department of Planning and Environment in preparation for this once in a generation opportunity. Left Bank Co., in partnership with Aileen Sage Architects, were asked by the NSW Government Architect to contribute to these studies, in particular, conducting a finegrain, public domain, and station integration study for Bankstown Station – the last station on the line and a major transport hub in the south west.

The objective of this scope of works was to understand the urban placemaking opportunities offered as a result of the changes in rail services that will come from the upgrade to a metro service, and that have the ability to create a vibrant, engaging and precinct specific public domain that leverages the existing urban fabric surrounding the Station. This included participating in a number of site visits, workshops, and internal team working sessions, as well as delivering findings and recommendation to Aileen Sage to feed into the finegrain study findings.