Left Bank Co. is on the search for new talent!

A creative and strategic agency founded by urbanist Michelle Tabet, Left Bank Co. specialises in the development of urban concepts and strategies that make cities meaningful. Our purpose is to help our clients invest in the early stages of conceptualisation, visioning and definition, and offer independent and quality guidance through the development and realisation of an idea in the real world. We work with a diverse array of clients in Sydney, across Australia and also internationally, from both the public and the private sector, who offer a range of products and services that shape cities around us, including property developers, government bodies, councils, architects, urban planners and cultural orgaanisations and venues. 

What We’re Looking For

Left Bank Co. is on the lookout for new talent to collaborate with our team on a variety of our projects. We’re searching for independent professionals who can bring specialised skills and knowledge to the table and enhance the value of what we can offer our clients.

You might be a strategist, researcher, project manager, innovator, futurist, planner, arts administrator, architect, copywriter, creative, or you might be something else entirely! You might have years of experience under your belt, or just be establishing your name. There are a variety of ways we work with different skill sets, so if you think you have something unique to offer, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for well-rounded individuals who are:

  • Innovative, creative and lateral thinkers;
  • Bright sparks, not afraid to challenge or question ideas, or bring new opportunities to the table;
  • Exceptional communicators and brilliant organisers;
  • Making an impact in their field, with a top notch track record;
  • Passionate about cities, urban places, architecture, community, arts and culture, history, and innovation.

Please note, this is currently not a permanent or full time role – we’re looking for independent professionals who are hungry for new opportunities and have the flexibility to work as freelancers or on a casual basis and around different projects, clients and deadlines. As the business grows, these opportunities will grow, so we’re after people who are keen to grow with us.

What You’d Bring to Our Team

You will be working alongside our team and under the leadership of Founder and Director Michelle Tabet. Depending on what skills you have to offer, you may be consulting with our clients, engaging with a range of stakeholders, delivering work independently, or collaborating directly with us.

To be a part of our team, it is important that you fit with and emulate the ethos and values of our business, which means you need to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Collaborative – you value a collaborative environment and enjoy working with others to find solutions. You’ll give advice in your area of expertise but acknowledge that the client is the one that knows their industry the best.
  • Insightful – you don’t just assume things. Instead, you seek a deeper understanding of the way things are in order to validate decisions and justify actions.
  • Considered – you approach your work with integrity and empathy, being measured in your process and smart about how to move forward.
  • Nimble – you are keen to be receptive to the needs of those you work with and work for. You are agile and responsive, and driven to deliver results.
  • Personable – you are a genuine, trustworthy and easy going person, investing care and passion in the work you do, and establishing authentic relationships with those around you.
  • Committed – you focus your energy and strength into driving results and pursuing outcomes that are important to others.
  • Love what you do – you live and breathe your work, it makes you who you are, and you happily will give your all to something bigger than yourself.

What You Should Send Us

If this sounds like your cup of tea, send us through the following:

  • A cover letter, outlining how you meet the description of what we’re looking for, and telling us how you think cities can become more meaningful places (1 A4 page max);
  • Your CV and links to any relevant experience;
  • Details of 2 referees.

Send your application, or any questions regarding the application to hello@leftbankco.com by close of business on Friday 21st October, 2016. We look forward to meeting you!