City of Broken Hill - NSW, Australia
Facilitation, Research, Insights

One of Australia’s most remote and isolated regional centres, Broken Hill has a rich and proud history as the country’s longest lived mining city. It is a known tourist destination for its heritage attractions, houses a strong creative community of artists and filmmakers, and has a distinctive urban identity. However, the population of the city is much smaller than it once was, a city built for over 35,000 people with a residential population of only 17,800. As such, the City of Broken Hill are eager to find ways to consolidate and reinvigorate the CBD and make it a more liveable place, with equitable access to services, facilities and infrastructure to promote a healthy, well and sustainable society. 

Left Bank Co. joined a multidisciplinary team led by Neeson Murcutt Architects, to explore the options for colocating key cultural and community uses to deliver a Library, Community Hub and Cultural Project, with the intention of bring together people in high quality, more efficient and friendly spaces. The Left Bank Co. team took the lead on community and stakeholder consultation, speaking with various departments within Council, key cultural and tourist operators, and various community groups and members including schools. This engagement developed an understanding of the different types of uses and activities that required space, the differing practical and spatial needs of these facilities, and the similarities and differences between community, cultural and educational services.

The results of this engagement played a critical role in shaping the direction for this multi-purpose hub, with the outcomes presented for testing and refinement with the community. The community and Council endorsed direction informed the vision for the Architectural and Design team to deliver upon, and shaped the narrative for a city-wide Cultural Framework that determines a strategic future for the rich cultural assets of Broken Hill.