A Vision for the Christchurch Performing Arts Precinct

Christchurch City Council – Christchurch, New Zealand
Facilitation, Research, Insights, Strategy

Christchurch is a city on the move. Following the devastating earthquakes of 2011, reconstruction is in full swing. Building on the principles set by the Central City Recovery Plan, Christchurch City Council and the Crown have been jointly leading the development of the city's Performing Arts Precinct.

Working closely with the Council and their various stakeholders, including the performing arts industry itself, Left Bank Co. was engaged to lead the process of developing a strategic vision for the Precinct, with the purpose of defining and communicating what kind of Precinct the city needed. The purpose was to create a story that can be told to the general public, investors, and consumers of cultural content to create an appetite for a performing arts industry in Christchurch.

The visioning process Left Bank Co. undertook included in-depth qualitative research with key stakeholders to develop a series of insights to be considered, an intensive two-day workshop with the core team to review insights and establish the key aspects of the Precinct, testing of the vision with key stakeholders, and the development and copywriting for the complete vision document.

The final document has been used to establish a masterplan brief, a business case and benchmark design for the site in order to secure funding and begin development.

The Vision document can be found here.