City Makers' Guild - Sydney, Australia
Research, Strategy, Delivery

The City Makers’ Guild is a collective of passionate urbanists who view development as a craft, not a commodity. Established in Sydney, Australia, the Guild is an international organisation sharing a common purpose in calling for more equitable, meaningful and sustainable cities. The Guild is providing a robust platform for more collaborative, cutting-edge and intelligent city making, calling out what must change and challenging old, broken models. 

Left Bank Co. joined the City Makers' Guild to conceive, curate, organise and deliver the Guild's inaugural study tour in 2018, exploring alternative development models in three of Europe's leading urban cities, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. The Collaborative Urbanism in Europe study tour was designed as a rare opportunity for the urbanists, architects, designers and policy makers of Australia and New Zealand to not only explore world leading alternative development models, but to definitively change the conversations we’re having in our own cities. Using the insights gathered from international leaders in collaborative urbanism, the purpose was to arm the most influential and innovative city makers in our local industry with the knowledge to advocate for and deliver better planning, policy and design, transforming the cities around us to become more equitable, sustainable and meaningful.

The Collaborative Urbanism in Europe study tour saw delegates from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Auckland travelling around Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. The tour was planned to provide delegates with the opportunity to learn from alternative development models that demonstrate sustainability, a sense of community and establish a unique architectural identity for cities; the chance to experience a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings some of Europe’s most significant alternative development projects; and to provide direct access to some of the most progressive designers, investors and project managers delivering disruptive business models. 

Left Bank Co. worked closely with the City Makers' Guild founder Jason Twill to plan and prepare every aspect of the tour from concept through to delivery. In the lead up to the tour this included the development of the tour's business model and budget, identification and curation of the itinerary, relationship development with contacts on the ground in Europe, planning and organising of the tour logistics, preparation of all marketing materials, promotion and sales to secure delegates, and travel planning and correspondence in preparation for the tour's commencement. Once on the ground, our role included itinerary management, timing and travel logistics, facilitator between delegates and our project contacts, control of finances, management of photography, social media and marketing, and as a facilitator to encourage reflection and discussion amongst delegates.

Annual City Makers’ Guild tours are being organised, with a range of alternative cities planned for future tours. You can read more about the City Makers' Guild here, and check out photos from the tours on Instagram.