Government Architect NSW - New South Wales, Australia
Research, Insights, Strategy

Left Bank Co. has a long standing relationship with the office of the Government Architect NSW (GANSW), providing strategic advisory services to the team in order to shape built environment design policies and guidelines. Part of the Department of Planning and Environment, the GANSW has undergone a major transformation over recent years to position itself as an advisor to other state and local government bodies as well as the private sector and community, providing strategic design leadership and improved design processes.

Left Bank Co. has been working closely with GANSW on a suite of tools, strategies and processes as part of the Better Placed design policy, which fit under a framework of design excellence. This includes the development and delivery of the Missing Middle Design Competition, planning and documentation of Design Competition guidelines for the delivery of State Significant projects, and the design and implementation of the State’s Design Review Panel processes, to be tested through a State Design Review Panel pilot program.

We have worked closely with the internal team to understand their ambitions, design these into tangible policies and processes that can be implemented in real terms, and articulate these into comprehensive policy documents, advisory notes and planning manuals to be utilised by architects, designers, governments and developers. We have consulted with policy experts, industry representatives, and other government departments to test, refine and improve these policies to ensure they are actionable and work within the challenges and limitations of designing and delivering best practice in the built environment.

You can find the range of policies, tools and guidelines on the Government Architect website here.