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Lendlease Communities – Sydney, Australia
Facilitation, Insights, Strategy, Delivery

With a long history of involvement in Sydney’s south-west, Lendlease has been integral to shaping and growing the Macarthur region since the 1950s. Gilead is Lendlease’s newest project in the area, a historically significant farming estate and natural site located along Appin Road that will be transformed into a modern Australian community of around 20,000 residents, who will have unrivalled access to the area’s most stunning natural landscapes and topography. With the site acquired in 2015, the project will take 15-20 years to be delivered, stretching from Appin Road, across to the Nepean River.

Lendlease’s commitment to creating the best places led them to engage Left Bank Co. to work closely with the Gilead project team to produce a Place Book: a tool to guide the development from start to finish, capturing the project’s place vision and Lendlease’s commitment to delivering on that vision via every aspect of the community. 

While Left Bank Co. has previously led the development of Place Books for Lendlease’s Urban Regeneration projects, this is the first time that the tool has been adapted for a Communities project, making it a very different type of document that needs room to grow, adapt and evolve as the project evolves over the years. Left Bank Co. worked very collaboratively with the project team to ensure the Place Book will work as a practical tool for all team members and consultants, from the development team, to marketing, to community development, and to design, and to ensure that the place vision could be addressed through every aspect of the development. 

Our scope of work ranged from getting our feet muddy out on a site visit; taking a deep dive into the project to understand the full picture and work done to date; collaborating with creative agency Houston Group on the development of a Place Print capturing the vision and place pillars; facilitating workshops with the project team to unpack the masterplan and identify the key place features that define the community, explore the retail offering, and define the place intention for the different assets and strategic arms of the development; and then finally to distill all this information and capture it in a single strategic document.

This finalised document is a live resource for the project team to reference, draw from, consider when making decisions, and to measure success on how well they have delivered place. For a project of this length, defining and documenting this place vision is key to Lendlease ensuring their legacy is visible throughout the development, and that they can confidently ensure the community falls in love with the place they have created.