"In cities, change and layers are key. It's fundamental in that it provides a strong and constant sense of discovery and exploration. To stumble upon a new bakery in a quiet neighborhood or an temporarily activated space in the CBD brings out my inner explorer! It breathes new life over and over again organically. This type of city is a city worth living in."

Gino is currently a Sustainability Consultant with 8 years experience aiming to strengthen environmental, social and economic sustainability within the built environment. He loves to build and innovate with an ongoing passion for great design, improving lives, and creating a more sustainable world. Extremely curious and passionate about the future and all things related to innovation, he gets a big kick out of designing and coming up with awesome ideas that drive real global impact through cities, buildings, products and services.

Based in Japan, his talents include green building design, energy strategy and advisory, eco-innovation strategies, place-making and future proofing in the built environment. He has worked as a consultant for a number of Arup's international offices, at Sydney-based firm Brickfields, and is about to start his MBA at INSEAD.