GPT – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Facilitation, Insights, Strategy

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre is one of Melbourne's most iconic retail places, located above one of the city's busiest transport hubs, and therefore is one of GPT's most significant assets. As Melbourne's urban fabric shifts and the northern end of the CBD grows, Melbourne Central is becoming the geographic centre of the city, requiring GPT to rethink its positioning strategy for the asset, and looking to the rooftop area and upper levels to underpin a unique vision to reinforce Melbourne Central's place at the heart of the CBD retail landscape.

Left Bank Co. were commissioned to lead a strategic research process, engaging with a number of urban influencers to gauge their commentary and thoughts on the role of Melbourne Central and the ideas for the rooftop vision. This research particularly focused on their intuition and industry knowledge to determine whether the new approach could tap into the desires and mindsets of target audiences. The urban influencers chosen to participate included architects, strategists, designers, developers, and retailers, as well as government leaders, cultural entities, hospitality experts, Indigenous experts, tourism industry, music and fashion industry.

The scope of work undertaken by the team included the development of a strategic consulting pack, designed to visually stimulate responses and insights from the interviewees; face-to-face interviews with the various urban influencers; assessment and interpretation of the interview responses to develop a number of themes and insights to guide the development of the rooftop vision; and a suggested way forward for progressing the project so it pushes the boundaries and sets a benchmark for attracting new audiences.

Left Bank Co. worked closely with the team at GPT to navigate the findings from this research and understand the implications on the broader Shopping Centre, and presented the findings to GPT's executive leadership to begin the process of refining and realising the new vision.