"I love that cities are dirty, messy, dysfunctional places. They create tension and impose themselves on the world around them. It is this tension and dysfunction that leads to creativity, pushes people to overcome the challenges and create experiences that are unique to each city, a reflection of its inhabitants and their struggles."

Nathan spent his formative years at Nielsen, gaining a thorough understanding of research fundamentals and the rules to be followed. Moving to OMD, he adapted his skills to the fast paced world of media, learning that some rules were meant to be broken. In 2015, he forged his own path and now works directly with clients and collaborators.

As a research consultant, Nathan works with clients to help them solve business problems by engaging with their customers and the broader market through: surveys, depth interviews, focus groups, online forums / communities, and social media analysis. 

Areas in which he has extensive experience includes customer acquisition and retention, customer path to purchase, stakeholder engagement, brand positioning and strategy, concept / creative development and testing and campaign measurement and evaluation.

Nathan approaches each client problem with rigour to devise a research methodology that can provide enlightening and trustworthy advice to help guide decision making.