Rutherford’s Den Creative Brief

Arts Centre Christchurch – Christchurch, New Zealand
Facilitation, Strategy, Delivery

Christchurch is a city on the move. Following the devastating earthquakes of 2011, reconstruction is in full swing. Working for the Arts Centre Christchurch, this commission focused on the development of a creative and strategic brief for the rebuilding of Rutherford's Den, a local institution within the Arts Centre precinct.

An invaluable educational resource in the past, Rutherford's Den was ripe for reinvention before the 2011 earthquakes. The former research rooms (used by Ernest Rutherford himself, the man who split the atom), were an attraction for school groups and schoolchildren. The Arts Centre Vision created the imperative for high quality interfaces to lift the quality of the experience of the precinct. Rutherford's Den is the opportunity to set the tone for that enhanced experience.

Left Bank Co. collaborated with the Arts Centre executive team on the development of the creative and strategic brief for finding a suitable proponent to design the renewed Rutherford’s Den, as well as the management of the pitch process which involved three award-winning agencies in New Zealand and Australia. This included facilitated sessions with the CEO and executive to understand the institution and the needs and intentions for the site, and strategic development and copywriting of the brief document.

Sydney-based creative agency Esem Projects in collaboration with Sago Design and Blac and Co. was awarded the project. The revitalised Rutherford’s Den reopened in late 2016 with much success, and is forming the foundation for opening up the rest of the site. Read more here.