Sydney Living Museums – Sydney, Australia
Facilitation, Strategy

Sydney Living Museums (SLM) is the NSW State Government body responsible for the ongoing care and management of the State’s historic houses and buildings. Originally the Historic Houses Trust, the organisation and its suite of properties are overseen by a Board of Trustees who work alongside the Management team to set the priorities and direction of the organisation.

Having worked on previous strategic projects for SLM, and with firm knowledge of the organisation’s overarching vision and mission, Left Bank Co. was engaged by the Management team to facilitate a strategic planning day which would result in fleshing out the core components of their strategic plan for the next 5 years. The purpose of this workshop was to refresh the organisation’s alignment with the vision, mission and values; determine the strategic priorities; and explore a number of projects that could underpin the organisation’s priorities.

As an external facilitator, performing the role of the outsider was crucial to encouraging the attendees to think about the big picture and challenge themselves, while drawing out the key insights and priorities of the team in order to enable them to determine the path forward for the organisation.