A Vision for Sydney’s Cultural Ribbon

City of Sydney – Sydney, Australia
Facilitation, Research, Insights, Strategy

The City of Sydney council identified a ‘cultural ribbon’ as a deliverable of their Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy, a concept to link the cultural venues and environments along Sydney’s foreshore and to deliver a cultural and creative Sydney. Re-interpreted by many other organisations, government bodies and businesses in order to suit various needs, the City of Sydney sought to refine and materialise the Cultural Ribbon to determine its true role within Sydney’s urban fabric.

Left Bank Co. worked closely with the City Design team to further develop the Cultural Ribbon concept and its materialisation in the city. The core role was to facilitate several briefings and workshops with a selection of City of Sydney departments, gathering insights from each perspective to build the concept for the Cultural Ribbon. The result of these facilitation and research sessions resulted in a clear vision for the Cultural Ribbon and pathway for the City of Sydney to progress with its realisation, setting out the objectives and actions for delivery.

The Cultural Ribbon is planned for completion and delivery in 2017.

Read more about the City’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan here.