Urban Regeneration Retail Forum

Urban Regeneration, Lendlease – Sydney, Australia
Facilitation, Research, Insights, Strategy

Lendlease are leading the Australian property development industry in the field of urban regeneration, an approach to city making that sees large-scale city blocks transformed into multi-use precincts, offering a range of uses from residential to commercial to retail to cultural amenities and public space. Finding the right balance of these different uses is a finely crafted process.

Left Bank Co. was invited by the CEO of the Urban Regeneration Retail unit to design and deliver a two-day forum for the core staff, with the purpose of understanding the role of the Retail team within the broader Lendlease business and defining their strategy for the next five years.

The forum content was based upon qualitative research interviews with the core Retail team and several leaders within Lendlease business, as well as with some of Australia’s best and most successful retailers. The insights from this research formed the basis for the discussions had at the forum and the discussions lead to the formation of a manifesto for the Retail unit.

This newly formed manifesto will shape the direction of the work the unit does, and enable it to thrive and succeed at its mission in delivering the best places.