Left Bank Co. is a boutique creative and strategic agency, specialised in the development of urban concepts and strategies.

Left Bank Co. is a business that has grown to love its position as a collaborator yet an outsider, a centre for independent and intelligent thinking about cities. Inspired by the Left Bank of Paris, Left Bank Co. brings a European flair and a deeply embedded knowledge and passion of cities to make our cities more meaningful.

You are the expert in your business: you know the landscape, the players, the priorities and the drivers for the work you do. But in the daily grind of work, it can be difficult to step back, think innovatively and approach your work with your best foot forward in order to deliver exceptional projects that make our cities better places and more meaningful and attractive for people.

Our philosophy is that good ideas need encouragement to take root and grow within organisations. They need to be nurtured and supported by a robust process, good communication and engagement with a variety of stakeholders.

We’re in the business of making your projects exceptional by helping you invest in the early stages of conceptualisation, visioning and definition.  We offer you independent and quality guidance through the development and realisation of an idea in the real world. 

Michelle Tabet

Director and Founder

Passionate about cities, architecture, and the way people interact with the places and spaces around them, Michelle Tabet has committed her career to establishing meaningful connections between society and the built environment that surrounds us.

Michelle is an experienced urban strategist, working at the intersection of creative strategy and urban planning. Having spent her life living in and experiencing some of the world’s most vibrant cities, Michelle understands the important role innovation, design excellence and strategic placemaking play in shaping successful urban environments. With extensive experience working with the design, property and urban planning sector, Michelle’s interest lies in working with project leaders to set up the right strategy for projects that impact the urban environment and built form.

Exploring the productive niche between the strategic and the creative, Michelle drives the agenda for urban placemaking, design excellence, place activation, user experiences and strategic brief development. She recognises the value of effective communication and information design and works through a variety of media to engage audiences, influence decision makers and make the right messages stand out.

Hahna Busch

Senior Strategist

A lover of design, an advocate for the arts and cultural industries, and a champion of the creative identity found in the corners of our cities, Hahna Busch enables cultural opportunities and creative ideas to become a reality within urban environments.

Hahna is an experienced strategist working on projects at the nexus between culture and cities, with particular expertise across the cultural and creative industries. She is skilled at facilitating the thinking, planning and processes that enable creative visions and ideas to become a reality, bringing a pragmatic and considered approach to the production of strategic solutions. Hahna’s interest in establishing strong creative and cultural identities for urban environments results in strategies and placemaking frameworks founded upon the role cultural experiences play in our communities.

With a background in design and cultural management, Hahna works closely with creatives and cultural leaders across strategic visioning and planning, business analysis and development, project management, organisational design and the engagement and management of stakeholders and partnerships.

Our Manifesto

  • Be Collaborative – we bring people together with the purpose of finding and refining the best ideas within a collaborative environment

  • Be Insightful – we seek a deeper understanding of the way things are in order to validate and support ideas and actions with evidence

  • Be Considered – we approach everything we do with integrity and empathy, taking measured yet strategic steps forward

  • Be Nimble – we are agile and responsive, receptive to needs and proactive in our efforts to deliver results

  • Be Personable – we establish authentic relationships with those around us, building genuine trust and investing care and passion

  • Be Committed – we focus our energy and strength into driving results, pursuing outcomes that are important to us as they are to others

  • Be Independent – we can offer you quality and independent, unbiased assistance that serves you throughout the project lifecycle.