Our Services and Process

The process for building, growing and transforming our cities is complex and takes time. Our way of working in this complex environment is across a series of stages, starting from the earliest moments when an idea is conceived, and carrying you through an informed and strategic process that will ensure your idea can be realised in the real world. Our work can encompass one or more of the following stages, and we provide a range of services and deliver a number of outputs under each stage.


  • Workshop and meeting facilitation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Education and training
  • Panel moderator


One of the single biggest barriers to innovation is a lack of purposeful and strategic communication. Facilitation enables teams to have a structured and outcome-driven conversation that pushes ideas, teams, and organisations further in their thinking. Left Bank Co. designs bespoke facilitation methodologies based on years of specialist experience to suit the needs of the team and the desired outcomes.


  • Qualitative research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking


Evidence is a critical part of understanding problems and formulating solutions. Through qualitative research and stakeholder engagement methodologies, Left Bank Co. proposes a variety of research approaches to understand audiences, as well as unlocking and simplifying the key opportunities and challenges of a project.


  • Place insights reports
  • Team and corporate presentations
  • Writing and editorial


Having insight is an art in itself. It is the ability to see through the noise and identify what really matters. Left Bank Co. is an insight-based advisory agency that can help you see and communicate what matters to your project or idea in simple terms and letting go of the rest.


  • Vision documents
  • Place strategies
  • Strategic business plans
  • Competitive bid strategies
  • Competition design
  • Organisational design 

Once the talking and thinking is done, it is time for action. Strategising is the act of developing a time-phased plan that lays out a defining vision, and that is universally adopted by a team as the most efficacious of action. Strategies are complex and multi-faceted but Left Bank Co. supports the development of ambitious yet realistic, clear, and well-communicated strategies to underpin urban projects. 


  • Masterplan briefs
  • Design and creative briefs
  • Development briefs
  • Competition briefs
  • Project management services
  • Exhibitions
  • Activations and events

Seeing urban strategies through to reality requires careful preparation and planning for delivery. Actioning strategies into clear ways forward requires carefully considered briefing and guidance for broader teams and consultants. Left Bank Co. provides responsive, personable and reliable project delivery and implementation services, articulating briefs, managing process and project managing your team and the workload to deliver on strategies.

Government Prequalification

Left Bank Co. is registered with a number of prequalification schemes, which enable us to undertake work with Government agencies and registered buyers. The NSW schemes include the Government Architect's strategy and design excellence scheme, and the Performance and management services scheme. The Victoria scheme includes Professional Advisory Services: Commercial and Financial Advisory Services